About Us

Oakland Parents Together is dedicated to organizing and empowering parents to advocate for our children as full partners in the Oakland public schools.
Our Mission

What Guides Our Work

The mission of Oakland Parents Together is to organize and empower parents and care givers to advocate for our children as full partners in the Oakland Public Schools.

Our Vision

What We Strive To Accomplish

OPT sees parents helping each other’s families thrive. We see schools modeled on education reforms that include Head Start, Small Adult / Student Ratios and Collegial Relations between Parents and Teachers. We see a society in which Poverty, Inequality and Illiteracy are all things of the past and all families have the means to flourish and prosper.

  1. Improve parenting practices

  2. Establish listening partnerships

  3. Become healthier parents

  4. Strengthen community relationships

  5. Become great examples for children

  6. Learn & Have Fun

OPT knows that families’ lives are complicated, and we listen to parents and develop programs that work system­atically to serve children and parents together and separately. We understand that a healthy school community depends on the academic, emotional, and social health of the families who make up that community.

  1. Explore the 5 pillars of parenting

  2. Provide effective family resources

  3. Develop community support groups

  4. Increase wealth and reduce poverty

  5. Stop mass incarceration and recidivism

  6. Restore the values of parenting

OPT believes that families can best be served by programs that are flexible, synergistic, culturally appropriate and address the needs of parents and children alike. We know that each school and community has unique challenges, and we believe that all parents can be effective advocates for improvement.

  1. Strong determining parent voices in the hiring and firing of teachers and administrators

  2. Making schools the center of community activity

  3. Intensive tutoring for all students who need it

  4. Parent facilitated workshops for all parent who want them

  5. Wrap-around support services at schools for families

Everything we do aim to help parents feel ownership and authority in their own lives and the lives of their children.

  1. Families working together to support each other

  2. Developing an alliance between parents and teachers as the only viable means for reform

  3. Schools honoring all home languages

  4. Equitable distribution of resources throughout society

  5. Listening to Children – and each other

In the fifteen years since our founding, we have sought to strengthen families and empower communities at the school and neighborhood level, with a special focus on school communities that face the greatest economic and academic challenges.

Thank You To Our

2015-2016 Board of Directors

Jesse Lucas | Stella Collins | Laurice Brown

Kristen Caven | Anthony Hall | Richard Harper

Relena Ellis | Andre Spearman | Tamia Green

Juanita Tasby | Jeannette King-Harris | Ken Epstein

Nancy Sherman | Mallie Latham | Deborah Jackson

Rowena  Jackson (alt) | Kwame Nitoto (Executive Director)