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Oakland’s leading resource for parent advocacy.

Oakland Parents Together is dedicated to organizing and empowering parents to advocate for our children as full partners in the Oakland public schools. In the fifteen years since our founding, we have sought to strengthen families and empower communities at the school and neighborhood level, with a special focus on school communities that face the greatest economic and academic challenges.


OPT believes that families can best be served by programs that are flexible, synergistic, culturally appropriate and address the needs of parents and children alike. We know that each school and community has unique challenges, and we believe that all parents can be effective advocates for improvement. With this philosophy guiding us, we have worked in many schools and community institutions to develop integrated programs that include parenting classes, youth development workshops, training for parents in English and comput­ers, school wide workshops, cultural events, and tutoring for children. Everything we do aims to help parents feel ownership and authority in their own lives and the lives of their children.

By Parents.

Of Parents.

For Parents.

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Katrina Marsh

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Oakland Parents Together has developed a suite of programs and approaches that let us tailor services for each school environment.

We are dedicated to empowering parents to advocate for our children in the Oakland public schools, and our integrated programs serve both parents and their children. Whether we’re presenting parent cafes and workshops, helping parents organize around an issue, or developing tutoring programs for children, we always seek to help parents take ownership and authority in their own lives and the lives of their children.

Parent Café

Parent Cafés engage parents in meaningful conversations about what matters most – their family and how to strengthen that family by building protective factors.

Listening to Children

The Listening to Children and to Each Other workshop series takes parents and primary care givers on a wonderful ride of discovery. The curriculum is based on Hand in Hand Parenting literature developed by Patty Wipfler.

We understand that a healthy school community depends on the academic, emotional, and social health of the families who make up that community.


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